Next To You

Poems of the wave which breathes in the blue wind and listens to the ears.Entirely staring at the endless sky of eternity forever. Dusky wet body overflowing “like”. I want to tell you. Close to me. Hold me tight forever. Hey grand blue. Baby let me like. I’d like to meet You both want to touch you tomorrow and day-by-day the day of tomorrow. Hey permanent grand blue. Baby I can say honestly I can shy a little. I am in love and tears flowing. A red flower fell in love and a constant drift of the ocean. Barefooted sand beach Nostalgic tide scent. Trivial things shaken by anxiety. I want to draw with you close to me. Hold me tight everywhere. Hey become grand blue. Baby softly gently. Everything there is now is scared of happiness. Hey dazzling grand blue. Baby wish fulfilled and believe forever. Do not say anything because you swear, hug me strongly. Spend the season like this. “Together again”. Such words make me chest hot. I will not forget that day I felt next to you.


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Written by seriopscual


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