New Melania statue has gone metal

Last year, American artist Brad Downey created a wood sculpture of US First Lady Melania Trump and placed the statue in the town of Sevnica, Slovenia.  Sevnica is the town where Mrs. Trump grew up as a child before emigrating to the USA.  The wood statue was not highly detailed at all.  Take a look for yourself at the picture below.

The artist took no effort in carving her facial features at all because he decided to use a tree trunk as her face.  The powder blue represents the dress she wore at the Presidential Inauguration in 2017.  You could say that the wood sculpture could go down as one of the worst statues ever made.

However, the people of Slovenia must have not liked Melania because the statue was burned this past July on American Independence Day.  You can witness the damage in the picture below.  Downey, who lives in Germany, now keeps the burnt statue in an art exhibit in a different area of Slovenia as a symbol of the political conflict going on now in the United States of America.

Earlier this week, Downey unveiled a new metal statue of Melania in the same place where the wooden statue was burned.  From looking at the picture of the metal statue on the right, he really did not put much effort into sculpting this statue either.  This lack of effort is parallel to the lack of effort she has exhibited as the First Lady over the past four years.

Source:  BBC News. 


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