New hobby: Rock Balancing – How difficult can it be?

I have been taking long walks at the beach, especially the last days (sun finally arrived again on my island, yeahhh!)

Sometimes these walks are unavoidable, so I just have to stay there and .. endure (:) yes really) these hours without being able to do many things other than enjoying the view.

But how long can a view be enjoyed? Every day? The same view?Please don’t get me wrong.I love my viewI love my walksBut I wish to be more creative some times, to do something and not just sit like that

So yesterday, as I was at a rocky seascape – I had this crazy thoughtWhy not pile up a set of stones and make some photos?

Some fell, but the ones that did not fall, created the below result.

I was very surprised to discover later on that it is a very peculiar form of well recognized art and craft.

So feel free to enjoy some of my very first rock balancing efforts in my Crete – Greece and let’s see what the future holds 🙂

— Does giphy work?


What do you think?


Written by katerinaramm

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