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My Sincere Apology – WIP

apparently my sassy Christmas posts were far too sassy and offensive to some, so I owe some of you an apology. Please accept my humble apology, which Melchoir is making on my behalf

It was never my intention to offend anybody with my fanservice, and I did my best to avoid nudity but somehow I failed. My only hope is that you might overlook this mistake and forget this awful offense because I only meant it in fun. But don’t worry because both of my saucy posts were deleted and now nobody ever has to see them again and that is for the best


What do you think?

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  1. Gosh I must have missed these posts. Some people are very peevish in front of nudity, I know believe me as I have had to fight some patients in order to give them their bath in the past. It is too bad you deleted them but I also find you are quite the gentleman for doing so and posting a public apology. I am sorry and I applaud you at the same time.


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