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My Picks For Cool Tweets About Art Nouveau

A few years back, I overheard someone talking about the art scene in Miami, Florida and how it was really booming.  I couldn’t hear all of the conversation (even though my son talks very loudly), but I did latch on to these two words:  “art nouveau”.  They were probably talking about the Art Nouveau Gallery in Miami, FL.  At any rate, when I typed this phrase into the search box, my reaction was …WOW!  There is no shortage of tweets on this topic.

Even though the word “nouveau” means modern or up-to-date, the phrase appeared in an art magazine published in the 1800s and it’s been used ever since to describe this art movement.

If interested in learning more, these articles are very informative:

Of the 10 artists on the list, I only recognized one name.  Toulouse-Lautrec.  Who wouldn’t know that name?  Everybody knows about his painting, “At the Moulin Rouge”.



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