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My fly away.

Elated to a level that is closer to the heavens. Airy element is associated with mental, spiritual realm. Even from these images it is clear that flying is elevated to spiritual, or level of thought.

Fly above the earth is a temporary exit at the spiritual level and closer to their ideals. It also says that you’re able to look at life from a bird’s perspective. It is the eternal human desire to fly over the problems, to take off as an eagle.

If you are flying in or something mined pulled to the ground and the symbolism of the end of wishful flight.

Attempting to fly while lift-off is a sign that in the subconscious to grow spiritually, but current circumstances will not allow it.

Fall while flying a signal that process to a higher level of consciousness over and that you are probably waiting for regress and return to ground level reality.

Dreams of flying are our ideals and thoughts. Those dreams sometimes appear, if we want to lighten their situations or to relax.  I love nature and I watched swallows their flights are fascinating.

So these are my paintings on flight and fly away.


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Written by Paul Pulszartti


  1. My apologies if I make a silly comment but i don’t know much about art styles. Is this abstract art? I love the first one. The colours are vibrant and eye catching.