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Love my cat

I love my Kit-Kat

Show n’ tell

Who can tell?

That since the day we fell

Been playing the games

that only lovers play,

Heart to heart ‘tacking 

See we be catting,

Love my cat

I love that phat-pack

She give me fever like a liss

Just wanna mack that,

The hearts racing


She baiting

Me chasing

Too hot to trot

This thing we got

We facing Capsaicin, 

Hot to hot

I love my cat

I love my knick-knack,

Aah-Frican pillar

I freakin’ thrill her

When I fill her soul

I make it whole

It be like putty when we clay,

Sum it all up

Tend the 1 the fun done won

And then some,

Then when she say touché

Hot to trot like spicing 

More and more dice in 

I love my cat

I love my Kit-Kat…    


 Copyright © 2020         Bradley M. Tremmil              


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Written by Bradley Tremmil

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    • Under our African sun you won’t find these felines in pet shops. They roam freely around the back yard of game farms. And if you’re really nice they may let you play with them.
      But that’s not all, there is a very special breed that can be spotted in the city…

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