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More Pieces – At The Lounge


When I said hey

You said hi

I was like yay!

Right there & then

In that magical moment

Oh girl you had me,

You had me

with ‘hello’…

You were wondering

what’s up with this fellow?


You were thinking 

ice-cream and jello

Well as for me, 

Kinda insane 

I had coffee on my brain… 

See I tried to be a tea-totaler 

But it just don’t take me

where I need to go,

No ordinary lover

for me and my nation

I need me stimulation

The kind of intelligence

that can take me higher

Yet still keep me grounded

on that relaxation….

From that moment

when our eyes met,

It was Biology,

Mathematical equations of Chemistry

Bang-bang it was you girl,

It was your trigger-nometry.. 

All the world can see

A special star

No ordinary queen you are,

Ever since that scene

My meme

You became my theme,

Cozy you see 

The corner store 

I wanna run to –

You hug me close

like a small cafe,

One, two 

They say three’s a crowd

But I do better with four,

In Musicology

Poetry’s the chemistry,

Again n’ again

I’ll keep it coming

as long as you want me to…

Ole Ola 

For love vibrations 

More I pour,

When I’m ready to go

then I’m all night long,

And all I need

Is a song, caffeine 

and you…again…

Copyright 2019         Bradley M. Tremmil

And more…


It’s been a few,

Outside of time 

like only a minute,

Here on earth

Away from you

Feels like a billion years

since you I last adored…

To what else can I compare?

Echoes of vibration

You feen me 

with your saxiness,

Dust from the same star

we’re embers of that fire 

Why oh why

Have we been drifted 

by the winds of time…

My oh my

How can I define

sweeter with time?

Finer than fine

With all your magnetism

With all that Escada, 

To me girl

You’re a masterpiece,

Your Don Dada 

I’ll paint a picture of us,

Like a story that never fades… 


Like a ship on a voyage

We take it slow,

Light the fire –

just let it flow,

Spicy n’ hot

I sax in your saxiness

To a destination 

For why-ever, however, 

wherever it goes…

Copyright © 2019         Bradley M. Tremmil

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    • The thing is Maria, my original intention was to Sax separate to Caffeine. But when you watch the sun rise sipping on coffee while listening to Jazz the moments are ‘outta sight’, I just had to share.
      Be sure that your requests shall be granted.

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