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More Coffee…More Pieces Of A Tree

To the girl…


It’s almost like

You opened up my eyes

When you blessed me 

with your beauty

Cos now I see,

I see you…

Your eyes they blink

when you’re serious

Eye see 

An Oyster Pearl luxurious 

Oh my oh me

Oh girl you,

A petaled rose 

kissed by morning dew

That’s what you are

A cosmic vibration

You’re that homely star,


You’re sexy when you think…

All the while

I must have been 

drifting in the shadows

Until that first smile

Into your eyes hello

Like a halo 

For certain

It was like the sun had

rolled back it’s curtain

And rayed down starlight

all around you

And onto your pleasantness…

You must have 

opened up my eyes

Cos now eyes see,

I see you…


A reflection I see

I see in you a better me

A part of me hidden

that I never knew,

A part of me

I need to know…

Creativity oh

Fusing not confusing

The muse in you

speaks with the muse in me

Now the smile on my face

is amusing me…

Don’t mind me being me

I can’t help myself

I’m poetic it’s genetic

I see you for you

If there’s anything

of yourself you see

as imperfection

It don’t matter to me,

I see you as poetry

I’m loving on your shape

On every contour

and every curve 

Your style 

and all of your finesse

More of you I’m desiring 

not less

Know that your loveliness 

is inspiring

As is the sweetness

of caresses and a kiss, 

I feel like I’m blessed 

Like I’m sailing upon an ocean 

of pure freaking bliss…

Eye see you 

So don’t ever wonder

You’re my resting tree

Water me 

And I’ll water you

The best of you

for the best of me 

We don’t have to 

take our clothes off to flow,

How about 

we just give each other shade

And if we can conversate  

about a blade of grass

Then we know 

that this thing is special…

As a realist is real

I’ll have you know

I’m comfortable

I feel at home

Girl with you 

I’m more at ease…

Basking in the orbit 

of your glow

If more of you is this

Then more of me

I’ll let you know

Cos in your eyes

There’s no stress in me

Eyes see a reflection 

of a better me,

A work of art

Eye see, 

I see you…

Copyright © 2019         Bradley M. Tremmil 

To the world…


A better me

A better you,

A better us

A better them

Then the world would have

A better time…

This wouuld mean

What you ask of me

I must ask of you,

What we expect of them

They must expect of us…

‘To do unto others

as we’d have them do 

unto us’

We must see the errors

of our own ways

Before we see the errors

of someone else’s ways…

True justice takes no sides,

If we invite the character

whose name is compromise

The mountains must humble

And the valleys must rise

Then and only then

We shall meet equally

on the plain of love and peace,

If we know the signs

We will understand the times,

It’s a time for truth

A time to heal the land

A time to share

A time to repair

A time to restore 

It’s a time 

of the open door…

If only,

A better you

A better me

A better us

A better them

Then the world can be,

A much better place…Selah.

Copyright © 2019         Bradley M. Tremmil 


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Written by Bradley Tremmil

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