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Moon Story-The Farewell

“ My dear Eneys!

I had to leave this place. My presence was jeopardizing your true happiness and the peace of your heart. Anyway, my ship was rusting of too much staying in one place and the Universe is still holding secrets waiting to be unraveled…I leave this planet with the hope that if there’s a fate for the gods to, then our tangled threads of life will bring us together maybe in another Time and Space, to fulfill the love that was denied now to you and me.

My beloved! I leave you my flowers, my butterflies, my lights and my shadows…I’ve built this world inspired by your love and trust and I leave now everything in your gentle hands.

Goodbye, my sweet Eneys! You have opened the cage of my soul, setting me free. I step on the path of stars with the memory of your loving, soft touch…

Selurys. “

(Moon Story by Kate Mantis-fragment)

This is one of the illustration drawn for my story, one of my favorites. Tough in writing I can more easily approach the world of my imagination, in drawing my skills lag behind my expectations. Nonetheless, I love this recent depiction of the story I have imagined. I am mostly an old fashioned story teller: I write myths for the present and future, with the hope of sharing and carrying forward the pieces of wisdom I have acquired reading the folk and fairy tales of my childhood and youth. I find story telling, in words or art, one of the best gifts Humanity holds.


What do you think?

Written by Kate Mantis


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    • You’re very kind. Eneys is the green haired lady in the illustration. She is the Sea/Ocean Goddess of my story. You can read my stories on my website. They are a bit too long and not in the fashion of this site. I write Romantic Fantasy and when I get carried away by emotions, I end up with small pieces of poetry….

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