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My method for creating a Digital Image

One of the things I love doing is transforming an average photo into something intriguing. I use several methods – but here is one that I use often.

The photo was a little blurred to me and also I wasn’t happy about the whole composition. The first step was to edit it and enhance it a little. I opened the photograph in the ‘Photos’ app in Windows 10:

  • I went into edit mode.
  • I used Crop and Rotate to get the composition the way I wanted it.
  • I used the Enhance tools and applied a Sauna filter to bring out the redness and dull the background.
  • I adjusted the photo by reducing the light and increasing both the color and clarity.

I was fairly happy with the photo at this stage:

It still was a little blurry in parts – but to me it’s a better photo. It’s still not brilliant so I went online to and applied the ‘creamsicle’ filter to it.

Now the final photo still looks like a flower, but I feel it is far more interesting.


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