To the core its better for

Dreamers who dream in dreams

Visions of an abstract world

See the intangible to tangible

Outside of gravity to the inside of time…


The Metaphor,

A future seen before

The glimpse in thru a door

What is already was

What will be already is,

The secret parallels inside the mind

of the visions…


What have I met-her-for?

When dreamers keep reaching out

for passion no matter the cost,

An accent,

Sometimes a flower is just a flower

A simple scent from a garden,

Sometimes a flower in its uniqueness

can be more than a metaphor…


Sometimes time

is just plain ole time,

The passing of the ages

thru hours, minutes and seconds…


Sometimes a moment

If not a decadent

can be worth so much more,

Like a moment in the garden,

The encounter with a flower

Is as relevant to a metaphor

as is a heart that beats outside of gravity

but tuned inside of time…

Of reasons and of rhyme

Maybe you and I’m

A Metaphor…

Copyright © 2017 Bradley M. Tremmil 


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Written by Bradley Tremmil

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