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Message from Standing People

#5 This Loving Woman, Carol DM, She Understand Us.

We communicate with all cousins

they are of animals and insects kingdom

also some of you, race 'five fingers'

if you want to learn to talk with us

with enough practice and patience

you can also learn to give and receive our message.

    • Hmmm… at that time I had made a long poem about trees which I referred to as Standing People and other living things. Unfortunately, I chose the feature incorrectly so that the composition keeps changing depending on the comments given. If you reread old messages, you might find my message asking permission to use one of your photos of trees.

      I cannot reply directly to your comments as you know, but also cannot open the post as a whole where only that can be done to reply. Hopefully, you can find this response.


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  1. Treespeak. Many I know of, I’ll assume those I do not have an equal affiliation for the ecology of our Earth or you, good brother Albert, would not have included them in this touching tribute. Bravo to each and I bow to your canopy ministry, beauty and peace.

    • I am very confident that you know the ability of a green creature! Unfortunately, I am less patient to wait for your presence back here so that I can include you in this tribute to the community of standing people with other friends here. However, your praise should be my gratefulness, I am very honored! Thank you very much, my brother fin.

  2. Inspirational, indeed. It’s nice to read your post, Albert, with my photo and other’s work on it. I’ve been waiting for it and finally published. Congrats.

    • My bliss always reaches new happiness every time I see others happy. It feels no happiness other than sharing affection and happiness with others, and everything. I’m in trying “to hear” other messages (hahayyy…), in the coming days, maybe your flowers also want to tell something a bit here if you allow it. Meanwhile, thank you for your compliment, Icy.

  3. I just thought I should let you know, that this post is among the best things I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading and sharing(over & over again) Thank you for this, my dear friend Albert. This was everything I needed to read right now and your words have truly touched me.

  4. Very smart and observant you are! Thank you so much for including me in these very spot on poems of each user. You really get to know us all. I love what you have written about each one of us. I am so honored, this post is fantastic.

  5. WOW! This project deserves more attention that it is getting my friend.
    I am honored to be included in this group and your words really
    mean a lot as always. Thank you my dear friend.