Merry Christmas Y’all

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I’m not originally from Texas and have never been in the Lone Star State but I have had a fascination for this extra large state ever since the TV series “Dallas” arrived on the scene. This poem was inspired by the Christmas song ”Santa Got Lost in Texas”.

It was Christmas Eve

The reindeer were flying high

Santa found himself

Looking at the big, bright stars of Texas

That fat jolly man

Decided to land on the prairie

He wanted to have a look around

At the great big Lone Star state

The reindeer were tired

But there was still a lot of work ahead

So they warned Santa

Not to wander too far

Well Santa had never seen such stars

And he stumbled about

Gazing up into the dark sky

His fat belly quivering with delight

Lucky for Santa

He noticed a great big cactus

Just before he

Managed to run into it

However by now

Santa saw that he had roamed too far

Somewhere quietly

Longhorn cattle were mooing low

Santa was lost in the great big state of Texas

All alone with no one in sight

He didn’t know where he had left

His reindeer and sleigh

It was then that he picked up a neigh

And a cowboy upon a horse

Came into sight

And made Santa chuckle, ”Ho, ho, ho”

The cowboy sure thought it a strange sight

A fat, jolly man

With a white beard and red hat

Dressed in a red suit and black shiny boots

He slowed his horse

And jumped off

He cautiously approached

Santa to see what it was all about

Well Santa was sure glad to see him

And he told him of his dilemma

How he had been amazed by the great big stars

And had wandered too far

The cowboy was right friendly

And he told Santa

That he was heading to a saloon

To meet with friends and get a much needed beer

Well now this cowboy knew

That Santa couldn’t jump on his horse

And so they walked side by side

The cowboy still thinking that his new found friend was strange indeed

They arrived at the saloon

To the great delight of all the other cowboys

Who quickly called for a round of beer

Toasting their red suited new friend

Santa knew he had to hurry no beer he was wanting

And he wondered what to do

When there came the sound of sleigh bells

And tiny reindeer voices

The reindeer all shouted

For Santa to come on out

They had to be flying

As there was still a long night ahead

That was when the cowboys

Gave a loud cheer to find out who this fat, jolly man was

And now you sure can bet

That these rough, tough guys would always believe

So Santa stumbled to his sleigh

He hopped on in and his eyes twinkled

He shouted to his reindeer

And as the sleigh rose up the cowboys heard

”Merry Christmas Y’all” and the sleigh disappeared from sight!


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