Meanest Criminal Club

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Your pathetic crowd

can only yell

you will only tell

the papers

and the questions


oh! criminal

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hiding behind

these mad people

you can only buy time

you are on a mark

for your crimes

this time around

not only one

but all those in past

your bad luck’

you tried a crime

when we were

settling stuff

executing actions

busting it all

in a surgery to clean all

now its like a bullet gone

it cannot come back

since you fired first

you will face

all those

that are shot back

our aim is not vague

we point

and you are in focus

and we will never

leave you ever

and mete out punishment

for your crimes

now and in papers here

that also have been shot fast

you are an ugly fool

(have no doubts no that account)

and you would remain that

await your fate

till we tonsure you

complete in a complete shave,

for as we told you,

we are in settling mood

and once we are in it

no nonsense or strategy

even if built since

your culture was engineered first

would work

So,you are in the eye

of storm

and nothing can save you from law

whatever you do

or try

the hardest you can

we are aligned

as adversaries

(we share only anger,difference,injustice & hate)

and we would

follow the lead

to the far end

of the globe

even if you


all legal

and valid

and you need

to answer

all the queries

or pay

rather pay well

for your indiscretions

I am not from

your culture

or crowd

and would damn you

like I should

We are tough

by now

you should

know that

and stop

being a fool

with the bunch

that you incite

and prop

or are they having

fun at your cost

you are in grave


you have nothing to offer

or pay to me

We are an accountant

on that

and know the flow

of money

so do not enact

any obligations

(or claims would get tougher yet

as such false claims are a crime as well)

your alignment

political or otherwise

is well known

your financial worth

or beggarly state,rather

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is not hidden,either

We also do not care

if you and your club

is already dead or not

as you seem to be alive

in your villainy acts-so do not pretend that

as well-lol what a defense mechanism-oh! I am already dead!

so now naked of all pretensions

you ugly and hideous duck

so much yuk yuk yuk(vomiting non-stop

after knowing what you are….shit suck dark

& dishonest people also exist in this world)

face the sword

against your crimes

which are now

well evidenced.

Bloody shit like hell-criminals of lowest category in the globe-white collared lefties


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Written by Glower4

Glower is a writer cum poet who is a commoner endowed with uncanny gift of extreme and deep abstract thought resulting in astonishing written word.

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