Maris (2008) (sold)

Maris (2008) (sold)Oil on wood panel (71.5 x 88 x 0.1 cm)Artist: Corné Akkers


My theme painting for an exhibition back in 2008 at Museum Marishuis, at Heumen, Gelderland, Netherlands. I had the thought of craftsmanship lingerin about, something sculptor Jac Maris got in his fingers during his long carreer. By studying his pictures of him sculpting I got the feeling of depicting creating hands. Also his fixed eye glance – aimed but also with lots of love for his art.

While Maris is creating his own image as a painter I create Jac Maris, grandson to the great Jacob Maris. But I also lend a helping hand by holding a platform on which a clay statue is mounted. Through this hand I am connected to Maris, while my right hand experiences the relation to Maris in a different way. Both our right hands are creating.

I gave my own hands a different colour palette as to Maris himself in order to emphasize the difference between the depiction and my own creating hands. The brush in my right hand casts a shadow over his face so it seems I am in the process of painting Maris while on the other hand my shadow is visible on the flat plane next to him  My left hand is more in the same dimension as where Maris dwells.

Right hand – Maris’ head – his right hand are 90 degrees opposite to the axis of the left hand (up to the tube  of oil paint), creating a cross. Maris RIP!


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