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Making of a guitar… ~ part 3

Finally, the foundation of a good guitar… the raw material itself, the wood!

Some time back, I was fortunate to get the opportunity to visit a luthier’s workshop.  A luthier or a maker of stringed instruments (eg: guitar, violin) happened to be moving studios when we met.  He had just moved all his materials in to the new studio.  So, we got a tour around the place – all the nooks and corners of the place! Wonderful atmosphere!  Pieces of half made instruments, beautifully completed guitars and guitaleles, neatly arranged tool racks and all sorts of unknown items around the place which all looked wonderfully creative to me!

And the wood stack or should I say, stacks!  There were several stacks laid out outside the sudio.  I must say, the best thing about wood is the texture – rough wood grain and knots, cracks and splits… All wonderfully photograph-able!

Wood grain ~ side view of a stack of cut pieces of wood, all ready to be shaped.  Look at that rich texture.

And a shot from the ends… in colour this time.

From something so raw and rough, into a pure work of art that not only looks beautiful but produces such fine sounds!


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Written by ac khoo