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Loving On Her…


(To an Inspiration)

There must have angels here at play

Ever since she came my way

It’s like the sun

has brightened up my days

From the tip of my heart

to the depth of my soul

For real it’s like something’s

lightened up the embers of my coals…

All in to gain nothing to lose

That extra ooh from my boo

It’s like we’re drunk in love

when we ain’t even touched the booze, huh.

They say home is where the heart dwells

And that love is so many splendid things

like a potion that casts out spells

Shoop-it cupid’s put love on the brain

Poetically there’s a fire between us

no words distinctly can explain…

A queen to the king’s chess

uptown girl she’s the winner

Wrapped in one exquisite package

she’s a buffet with all the flavors

She got the keys to my dome

Got me open like a mansion

I’m chillin’ like a villain at the dinner

Anything she want I’m willin’…

That bag of chips and more

Right down to her core

she’s that special lady for sure

In that certain moment

when I first felt the tug at me

Heaven knew it’s time

I needed this kinda hug

From there on out

there was no distance between us…

Like a moth to a flame

Every conversation’s filled with golden nuggets

melting as candle wax,

Blinded to my past sometimes it seems like a dream

Sunset to sunrise

Noon light to moonlight it don’t matter

When I hear the violins start to cry

All I can say is

Ooh nah-nah

My boo mama

It feels like heaven to me,

When I’m loving on her…

Copyright © 2018 Bradley M. Tremmil  


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Written by Bradley Tremmil


  1. You have it all covered Bradley. The words, the music and the illusion in that painting helps create a romantic setting with raindrops as a bonus.