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Love Potion


I had completely fallen for him

I loved him

Undeniably adored him

I loved him so much that i forgot to love myself

It destroyed me

Mentally and physically

I hated myself because myself was good enough

Physically and mentally

This boy was someone who showed zero interest in me

Whereas I would gladly give my life to him

I created an image in my head of who he was

Who he wasn’t

And who i wanted him to be


It had stopped

And looking back that was good

Until it started again

It was sudden

A simple

Hey you

And I was hooked once again

My mental state was altered

No longer happy

I anticipated his messages

Like they were going to be signs from god

Or a simple

I love you


They never were though


I could tell he didn’t want to say anything that i could change

That i could make into something it wasn’t

And i was afraid of that too

I become consumed in him

He was my everything

But i was his nothing

So i became my own nothing


He had halted his messages

So i saw this as a sign

A bad one

One that i wasn’t good enough

I wanted to be good enough

So i did the only thing i could think of

I changed who I was





He Responded

It felt like a revelation

Even though it should have felt like nothing

It was a blessing if you could imagine

One person made me feel so amazing

But that one person also made me feel completely mundane


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