“Love” Poems For Kathy Number Ten


I have made pleasure

plainer than dough,

duller than yeast.

Not least I have caught

from its slightest or wildest cameo

“no”, daubed it,

within the orbit

of a wish, an unpleasant, dour

or pusillanimous fish.

Furthermore, I have made it ungainly,

painted its ruinous face

on a cold dish

in order that eyes might ripen

and tears grow heads:

all this, perhaps, a storm

in a teacup of bridal beds

because now, the onus on you,

my dark-haired darling, my lustrous sun,

I’ve become a lust

writing righting.

(from “”Love” Poems For Kathy / Green. Laced. Leaves”)

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Written by Jonathan Finch