Love Poems At Caffeine’s

(Smooth Jazz playing in the background)

The lounge is packed with couples and singles alike. After 1 or 2 and a few almost everyone is willing to recite a poem or two…The first on stage is one of the in house DJ’s.


Ageless of wines

Everyday my clementine


Our love is a tapestry

of unfinished works,

A lifetime is never enough

to express these mysteries…

Day by day

Moment by moment

Our love unfolds a petal at a time

Like the fragrance of a garden

Blossoming into a collage of beauty…

Lovely as a ray of sun

that smiles upon a precious pearl

Oh how I am mesmerized

by your sweet, sweet seduction,

Your caress is queen

You crown me

with the kiss of love

I’m dying

melting into one with you…

A tapestry of unfinished works,

A lifetime is never enough

to express the mysteries…

Copyright 2019      Bradley M. Tremmil 

Next, a lady steps up to express a poem to someone in the crowd…



Where your eyes on?

When I dream too much

I dream of words who speak,

I hear whispers of exotic love

I see open meadows burning

Yearning and longing

for glimmering fountains

For waterfalls of red bred wine

caressing as kisses like tears

Passed down the peaks

around the mountains

As rain that seeps timelessly

into the simmering valley of ooh…

A to ooh

Your key ta me

Oh my

A pillar of fire

Pure so pure

that the angels bow down and cry,

My oh my thy to I

Thru the open door

When it ooh what it do

You’re being in erotic moments of awe

like oceans to a shore

And how she woo’s back

into her sea…

Eyes see

Sunsets naturally unperfected

Elated yet complicated

Baby you and I

We feel both joy with pain

Sunshine n’ rain

Ooh we

You to ooh

Rise in

Come prize in

The horizon where I’s in…

Copyright © 2019         Bradley M. Tremmil 

Then a random guy and girl who just decide to freestyle to an exceptional classic…



If I was your guy

I’d make it my mission

for all to see

a constant smile on your face

And more loving in your eyes,

As a matter of fact

The way I’ll bring it all on

You’ll be feelin’ butterflies

down in your belly

n bumps up on your skin

Yeah girl every time

when I’m vibing out to you…



If I was your girl

There’s be no need

to be pretentious

And hide behind a mask

First step yo

Your vibe must pass the book of truth

If you make the round

You still got a long way to go

So don’t act like you know

You running game

when you ain’t no player

The only way you’ll win

is if I wanna,

Yeah-yeah nah-nah?

Can you jam-a like a jammer?

Go figure…



before I get my ego in a knot

I’m not gonna exaggerate

and call you

what you may be or not

But if I was your dude

Dirty way I no play

I’d never gamble

with a once in a lifetime

I only want good Karma

to come my way

That’s why I’ll impress you

with my mind

So if you don’t mind sharing

More of you let me learn

before I attempt to arrest

your precious big ole heart,

Before I let you flow

Lend me your ears for a minute

Just 60 seconds babe

Hear my path is straight see,

You sexy when smile

And you sexy when you frown

You sexy when think

And you sexy when you blink

You sexy when you sad

And sexy when you mad,

Dog gone girl

You’ll be more damn sexy

if I was your 1 n only lad,

What you say to that?…



I’m ain’t your girl

and I’m still speechless…

Copyright 2019         Bradley M. Tremmil  

Music break –


What do you think?


Written by Bradley Tremmil

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