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"Looking In" Original Painting From Sketch to Final Version…

I had this wonderful porthole frame and I knew I wanted to paint a mermaid in it.  I love mermaids, they are a favorite of mine.  This one has big brown eyes and flowing long brown hair.  I actually have a couple more of these frames, but I’m not sure where they’re hiding.  If they turn up, I think they’re almost definitely mermaid bound…

#1 Looking In Rough Sketch, WIP

This is my rough sketch enhanced a bit by the very talented Alex Ledante.  My lineart tends to not indicate shading so much.  Lately I have been doing toned drawings to counter balance this a bit, but when I did this painting I was not doing this and Alex added a bit to my sketch.

#2 Background and Her Eyes

Here I've blocked in the background and painted her big brown eyes.

#3 Skin Tone Lay In

I've laid in her skin tone here.

#4 A Bit More Shading

Here is some additional shading as well as her eyebrows and eyelashes.

#5 Her Hair Plus Her Lips

Here I've painted in her lips as well as blocked in her hair.

#6 Completed Painting, Looking In

Here she is completed, I've given this big eyed beauty a starfish friend in her hair.  The starfish has some texture.

At the time of this post, the original painting is available as well as open edition 8"x10" prints and LE ACEO prints.


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Written by Lisabella Russo

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