Soon as you get home, 

let the tension fade 

Into the mood, 

See for you 

all that’s done and made, 

Gerald Albright’s ‘So Amazing’ 

subtly crooning the groove

Now watch my imagination 

show and prove,


Hmm, Hmm, Hmm.

There’s something 

about the way you switch those hips

looking at me looking you,


Something like,

Like flavours of chicken limone’

with linguine pasta 

lightly sizzling on your stove,

At your request 

You could have 

the salmon seafood dish –

if you wish…


Vintage Chardonnay chilled 

if you want the tinkles

Maybe a glass or two 

for the new born mingles,

Florid rose petals 

Like seeds scattered  

all over the ground

And of course,

Many, many colours

of fresh scented candles 

burning all around,

Lady oh my lady

With the sunset 

burning in your eyes

Slip off your heels,

And step 

into my paradise…


I, shall run your bubble bath

just in case you wanna soak in

Drop hints of expensive oils 

especially after a day’s work,

Sensually biting on your lip 

As I cater to you,

Do you prefer to slide on your toweling, 

silk or satin gown?

Tonight’s on you,

Decide how you want it 

all to go down,


If you like, 

You can sit back on the seat

And let me wash and care 

for your feet,

Then you select,

How about your favourite ballad

Soon as you’re ready to dine,

I shall toss the salad…


Here it is,

No need to rush 

or ponder the reasons

Try to understand,

I’m a man for all the seasons…


My aim is to please

Now let me take you higher,

This is how it works,

when you light the fire…


Copyright © 2015                Bradley M. Tremmil



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Written by Bradley Tremmil

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        • At any moment in time, it’s not the water outside your boat
          but the content inside your vessel which determines how much control you have.
          Think of the glass as either have empty or half full.
          Alternatively try consuming less junk and see what happens. (especially media junk).
          REALITY CHECK: what is the worst thing that can happen? – we die (i.e. times up and out).
          Or one could say that we relocate to a destination unknown.
          Inevitably separation from this life is inescapable so why worry.
          In the here and now,
          Lets make the most of what we have instead of falling into the trap of fear.
          ‘I came,
          I saw,
          I loved,
          I left…
          They will say of me,
          Yippy yay –
          he conquered some giants along the way.”


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