Life In the Woods at Walden Pond

Art by Dennis Davis — “Life In the Woods at Walden Pond” (2017) — Abstract, Landscape, Digital, Simulated oil, Created from imagination.

I’ve always been drawn to the solitude of nature. I mean real nature, untouched by mankind.  It’s hard to find in today’s world. That place where you can just stop and listen to “the sounds of silence.” I remember one time I went deep into a forest in Southern California. I took my ’67 VW Bug as far as I could go, locked it up and headed into the thick woods. I climbed hills, forged small gouges, waded several rivers and creeks and finally camped for the night. Ah, the music of the woods… wind in the trees, the sounds of creatures in the night. It was about 4am the next morning when I suddenly woke up to familiar noises. I heard voices and climbed up a slope and stood up to see… campers. Campers everywhere. Kids, dogs, parents yelling at the kids, dogs barking at anything that moved. Ah, nature.


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