Letter For Hope


Journey unto myself

Just around the corner,  just a short journey away, A new beginning, a whole new world, it’s got to be my rebirth day

This time I won’t be dangled by my feet and smacked on the arse I’ll be more than prepared to leave behind the nurtured farce

Time has passed, it’s becoming the history of me There’s so much more ahead to find, guess what, I’m gonna look beyond the now for what I can be

A new hat, new life, a new perspective in a brand new pair of shoes New days, different plans, where opportunities are plentiful and rife, I’ll be living my muse

I’ll not crick my neck, by looking behind to where I’ve been I’ll be too busy by far, chasing the hints of me that I’ve seen

I hope I catch it all, well some of the good stuff at least Not wishing myself a glutton at that feast

But why should I withhold from the temptation, of too much, too soon Burning myself out, seeking stars and dancing on my moon

And why-ever would I resist what’s on offer out there Those stars are always within reach, when I contemplate them, under the midnight silvered glare

So far so good, I’m setting only realistic goals Y’know, I’m even looking forward to cold nights, stoking the coals

But there are spires I’ve not seen, ancient antiquities yet to touch Meeting smiling old time faces, I’ve not encountered often, and never too much

I’ve been subjected to a world in constant impactive change This time it’ll be me, without the confines of strategy, it’ll not be so strained

I plan to ease into my role, not looking for prize nor acclaim I’ll be applying no pressures, no penalties, to achieved or wayward aims

It’s been so bloody long, in its realisation I hope I don’t waste it, it’s almost been cause for…mast…master…… self gratification

I also hope I can take humour as my companion on the road Beyond my retirement, and before I take receipt of my mother lode

And when I’ve truly found out who I am, I’m hoping it will be what I’d dreamed I’d be Not the facade or the puppet, that conformity had nurtured in me.

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Written by iam_elchoko

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