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la oferta – WIP

okay, she’s gone through several iterations and the only thing stopping her from going through even MORE iterations is the fact that I have to submit the piece this weekend which means I gotta print it soon…

#2 raw

a nice starting point...

3 points

#3 return of the king

this is lighter, but the dress doesn't print well (did a test run)

3 points

#4 honky tonk

this is kinda desaturated but none of the blacks are crushed...

3 points

What do you think?

12 points


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  1. Is there any way to lighten the raw even lighter? Maybe just the shadows without blowing the background out? I like the de-saturated one because of the dress, but the lesser coloration doesnt work for what you are going to enter. I think you need more bold colors like in the raw but you dont need the black to not come out. Did you try a test run on an even lighter version of that one?

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