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Just Waiting – WIP

she’s got the whole tokyo glow thing going on, and I’ve cranked the emissions up to eleven so she could be about ready for release. still a few more things to work out but mostly good to go…

#1 toasted

interesting blend of lights and darks

10 points

#2 raw

what happened was, I lost one of my light sources so I had to cheat the rim light back in. worked pretty well...

8 points

#3 te

she looks almost surprised here

8 points

#4 urban sun

shame on me, I didn't apply the glow effect to her face

8 points
  1. I like this version the most because her face looks clear even though there should be the light that hits her face from the neon sign on the right side, but maybe it doesn’t have to be too bright.

What do you think?

12 points


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