Just a question of LOVE.

Hello people on @Virily

This is my last work a painted Tweet.

According to my concept of – #immateriale arte.

The complex of the opera got two different dimensions, one is the central hart body,  inside this, there is a view of another form in a different perspective quite far away.

Somebody could observe a sort of lips of a semi opened mouth in the act of drinking a LOVE sweet poison.

If you observe other things or this art inspire you other visions, I will hope that you can share your ideas I like to knows different vision from my personal thought.

Another point of observation that I hope you will like to try is the fact that my art is interactive, for observing my art in the best way is necessary to click on the picture inside the tweet. You will be redirected to my Account on Twitter and at this point, if you action another click on the picture again you will open another page that in my opinion is the best point of observation of my art.

That’s all Folk,

for today,  I say hello to all from my base located  Italy-Turin today we are in the center of the Summer we call – Ferragosto.


What do you think?

Written by Flavio Fassio

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