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I finally completed the follow up piece to ‘Vibrations’ which I wrote back in December 2018. 

Don’t know why it took me so long to give it wings,

Anyways, I hope you like…


Blue is the colour

Light is the shade

The colours of you

melts away their masquerade,

They selling fear

But we’re not buying

Instead you and I’m

 in formation rotation

Higher up we’re vying,


A rhyme in time

Rising vibrations

You vibing out

I’m vibing out

Like sun shines quintessence 

No questions the essence

Just basking in fluorescence 

My light

Thy light

High lights we’re in

Feeding off your finesse

More not less 

I guess

We’re gleaning 

from the essence, 

The essence of just being,

Just being you

Just being me

Raising out vibrations

Our Verberations 

Eclipses on the lips

No words beyond

We’re having conversations

Counting constellations 

I heard somewhere

The stars are jealous

about the poetry of our light,

And what’s the moon worth

without the romance of our music?

You can be sure

Night after night

All the more 

How she falls in awe

with essence,

The essence of our being,

I look within 

I’m seeing,

I see in you another part of me

The heart of me

Vibing out to me quickly

‘Closer oh sir 

Calling closer

With your words 

Wet me

come get me’,


I’m your night 

And you’re my day,

In the meantime

We’re lounging in the sunlight

Basking in the essence,

The essence of just being

 Copyright © 2020         Bradley M. Tremmil 


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Written by Bradley Tremmil

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    • Being the way we’re supposed to be is our actual reality.
      No one is greater or less than another regardless of their idiosyncratic ideologies.
      We’re insulting our own divinity by scripting off some impostor’s fantasy.

      The answers are embedded within…Just be you.
      Thank you.


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