Joel Bowers posts slide show of 11/29/2017 paintings

  • 3799, Kalon
  • 3800, Kalon2
  • 3801, Clutch
  • 3802, Key Findings
  • 3803, Sunset Tapestry
  • 3804, Multiplying Tapestry
  • 3805, Mind’s Eye
  • 3806, Unbigoted Swimmers
  • 3807, Durable Denim 3809, Highest Haze

With the exception of “Mind’s Eye” these are all digital edits of various photos I have taken. I play around a lot with the stacking order, the blending algorithm and the colors.

Many of my viewers wish I could spew lots of dialog and deep meaning for each of these images, but the fact of the matter is that these are discoveries not premeditated images. You can probably expound more about what you see in each of these than I can.


What do you think?


Written by Joel_Bowers

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