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jadelicious textures – WIP

I wasn’t completely satisfied with my results for the jade heirloom, so I took another swing at it. Hopefully you will find that these textures are better looking and more realistic

#1 deep jade

last time it looked too much like the fake plastic kind. this one is still very translucent but has variable opacity, which helps it look more realistic

5 points

#2 creamy goodness

as far as solid jade goes, this is probably the best I can do

4 points

#3 real jade

this is probably the most realistic depiction of jade, but not the best looking in my opinion...

4 points

#4 just for fun

the translucency of the other surface is perfect, but I couldn't apply it properly to the first surface, alas...

4 points

What do you think?

8 points


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  1. See…, here I don’t like the creamy one (almost) at all… Actually, I don’t know which one I like, which is the most like real one, I don’t know…! My experience of them changes from second to second since there is so many of them very similar ones…!

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