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Introducing Rumiko – WIP

You’ve met the Lee sisters, Daisy and Dixie but now it is time to introduce the third member of #TeamRoadkill

I would like you all to meet Rumiko. What a Japanese schoolgirl is doing in the deep south is unclear, and why she’s running around with a chainsaw is even less clear…


#1 legacy version

This picture is confusing since Dixie is wearing Daisy's outfit. Sure, sisters can share clothes but this is still confusing. The important thing to remember is that Dixie has a cowboy hat and Daisy wears a baseball cap

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#2 work in progress

Even when I don't want my characters to look possessed, sometimes they still look possessed. I really need to do something about that!

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#3 rough sketch

Here's an old sketch of Rumi-chan and Dixie

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What do you think?

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