Intersection of Strangers ~ Poem

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Here is another poem that I wrote and wanted to share with you all.  I wrote this many years ago…I would love to know what you all think of it.

Intersection of Strangers

Andrew picked up the knife

wanted to end his life

screaming out for someone’s care

reaching out but no one was there

Katy packed her bags in the car

Drove way out of town

tried to get as far as she could

her family never knew she would

Andrew drew his life story

All over his own skin

He thought that no one would care

they would never listen

Katy kept driving further,

Unsure of where she would go

Drive way beyond the horizon

No one would ever even know

Andrew was tired of being alone

He needed something to drown the pain

So he walked into town,

In the pouring rain

Katy did not see the stop sign as she was speeding by

and her life flashed right before her eyes

Andrew lain there on the gravel,

Barely conscious, in front of her car

The ambulance came and Katy was gone

They took Andrew to the hospital

Where he lived his last day,

and then to heaven he moved on


What do you think?


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