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Inktober 2018 designs

As you may already know, my Inktober this year featured the theme of fishes and sea creatures. You can view all series on my Instagram page. Here I want to share some t-shirt designs with these new prints.

Koi (featured on cover image) – one of the most popular fish species. Beautiful and friendly, they can be nice pets. Interesting, that in Japanese this word simply means “carp”. Also this word in Japanese is a homophone for another word that means “love”. That’s why koi are symbols of love and friendship in Japan. Lettering on the image says “#9 Precious” – that was the official prompt for the day 9. I removed and replaced this lettering on the prints.

Arowana – one of the rarest and most expensive aquarium fishes. Its original habitat is tropical freshwater. This is also one of the ancient fish species. Platinum or Snow White Arowana has no color on its scales due to a very rare genetic mutation, that makes it so unique and valuable. I chose to draw this fish for the prompt “expensive”. For this drawing I used all my instruments: liner, brushpen, ink with pen and brush + later I colored and finalized it digitally πŸ™‚

Boxfishes (Ostraciidae family) are so strange and look a bit funny. As the name suggests, they are box-shaped πŸ™‚ This family also includes Trunkfishes and Cowfishes, also featured on my image. I made a drawing of these fishes a bit in cartoon style and tried to emphasise their angular shapes. I colored this print digitally to make it look more bright and cheerful:)

#1 New designs in my stores

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Some new #Inktober designs are added to my stores (links in bio) #inktober2018 #tshirt #tee #graphictees #tees #graphictee #animalart #design #prints #shoponline #appareldesign #blackandwhite #arowana #silverarowana #koi #koipond #fishes? #printdesign #tshirts #tshirtslovers #tshirtshop

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#2 Koi on phone cases

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#3 Koi as a Pisces zodiac sign

Here I tried to present Koi illustration as a Pisces zodiac sign. What do you think about it? I need some feedback.

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#4 Koi fishes on t-shirt

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#5 Boxfish, Trunkfish and Cowfish πŸ™‚

Boxfish (right), Trunkfish (left) and Cowfish (top).

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#6 Arowana

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What do you think?

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Written by Lapka

My name is Yuliya. I am artist and designer.

You can view and buy some of my artworks onΒ Etsy
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  1. *this year – I meant 2018 of course ;D
    I just started to work with ink and pen. For previous Inktober (2017) I used only liners. And I started to learn drawing in my childhood… although there was a long period, when I didn’t draw much…
    When I draw what I like and understand, it sometimes goes out much better, than I could expect πŸ™‚

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