Countless are the fleurs

of the orchards 

And then there’s you,

Opulent thee rare

That exquisite Orchid

From the river of a garden

that never needed any rain,

Everyday is anew 

Your halo is a crystalline 

that changes colours

just like the rainbow,

What we see on the outside

It’s in you,

A musical to my ears

Your kinda beautiful

Is that sunflower ooh-tiful 

My oh my oh golden lady

It’s like you stepped

straight out of the sun

And shot me thru the heart

When you cast your spell on me,

Now something’s 

got a hold of my heart

Cos in the morning

when I rise 

I can hear 

speckles of gold dust

whisper sweet things

from the exotic side of you,

Queen of spades

You must be a thief of hearts

Can anyone tell me 

who else got me paying attention

like you do?, 

Inside of your love

Under your spell

I can tell 

this thing is gonna last

For those diamonds 

in your eyes got me

subscribed up to your class,

From that moment 

It’s been more than better days

Our hearts vibrate

at a frequency with elaborate ways,

Cushy comfy 

listening to your heart beat

Till I lay my head 

upon your pillows

This collaboration knows

No time or distance can defeat it,


I say you say 

For more better days

It grows,

It glows

Oh how it glows

In infinite ways….

Copyright © 2019               Bradley M. Tremmil     

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