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Lady mi lady

You are our Aurora,

The art of love in Love

You’re that lioness 

who need not roar,

You’re a precious gem

So much colour 

So much hue 

If ever there was one

who mottoes 

‘Each one lift one’ 

It was wrapped up 

within the gift of you,

You’re like a candle in the wind

who never fades

Up and away

You keep reaching far & beyond,

All eyes on

How beautiful the horizon

Spirits rise in awe of

When you permeate from Light 

Just as Northern lights

parade upon Southern skies,

Anyone who knows,

knows the depths of your heart,

In search of lost ones

Your spirit’s like a gentle breeze

sifting thru the country 

Gliding upon the wings

of orchestras of angels,

Oh don’t you know 

how special you are

In designer attire

You be hot like fire 

As the Maria-Mariah 

who sings like a bird

You’re a taste of something Infectious

Just like the spices 

And all things nicest,

So be sure the nexus will testify 

That there can never be

‘Another you’,

And that’s my word…

Copyright © 2019               Bradley M. Tremmil     

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