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Sonnet 1 

Fuel to my fire

I’m your Bard

I’m your Poet

Even through the fire,


You are my love 

with whom I’m in love

My love who I love 

you are poetry to me,

We are coals

We are embers

We are One,

We are members entwined

since the womb of our soil,

I yearn for your soul

For the churning

as it burns up against the sun

All ears who hear

Truth is in our roots

Much it do what it do

from here to Timbuktu

I’m zipping up my boots

What about you?

Sonnet 2

Pay no mind to salt less seers

They don’t see us

When they school ya

They fool ya

They’re users who’ve whored us

No care for us

These hoarders never adored us,

Same ole same ole

Old wine skins

For themselves not for us

They bore us,

Don’t let them rule ya

Dry your eyes my peers

Fill your heart with song

Stay steady stay cool

All praises to the One

Let Yah rule,

Cooler than cool

Nice n’ spicy

We flipped the script

We pool our sauces

within our borders

No fear no

From a mountain high

Me I saw this,

The Payback –

I owe you nothing

You owe me something

700 years of misery

Plus all that glittery,

Sonnet 3

Foolish to mistake 

my kindness for weakness

Just cos I love a hug

But when we switcheroo

the things we do

What rhymes with that

and sleekest of cats

In the meantime

Right where you are

Go be a learning

Not his or her story

No more lies

but our true story,

A journey to your past

Navigate with good intentions

The prize before your eyes

is worth the weight in glory,


I’m your Bard

I’m your Poet

You are my love who I love,

A new age wine 

You are poetry to me…


Copyright © 2020         Bradley M. Tremmil 


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Written by Bradley Tremmil

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