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Illustrations for untold tales

This series of digital works was created from pencil and pen drawings on an A5 size paper block. The title is at least paradoxical, I know, but it was given on purpose. It’s just that all the drawings ended up with a book-like way. However, I was not illustrating any history known or even mine (I am also a writer and have several books published).

The characters appeared on the paper spontaneously, as if they wanted to tell some story that, however, had not yet been written. But simple suggestion is often stronger than an explicit fact. I like to think that a drawing such as COMING HOME can arouse in the imagination of those who are looking at some unfolding. (A friend of mine even made her own version.)

I also like to call this series of drawings the title of BRUSHING PIXELS. That’s because after the stroke is done I scan the drawing and do all the chromatic part in Photoshop, in a great work of elaboration using layers and filters until achieving the desired final effect.

I’ve tried to put a lot of the drawings in this album. But anyone who wants to see the complete collection can access the link:ESCOVANDO PIXELS (BRUSHING PIXELS)


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