Idle Idol Talk – Erecting Yet Another Monument To Evil

Peter Heckmann – Larger sized original artwork from 2017 (80 cm x 100 cm – partial image shown) part of the Apocalyptic Landscapes series – Idle Idol Talk – Erecting Yet Another Monument To Evil (complete with scaffolding, large cranes and lots of people). Originally acrylic on canvas – digitally mangled, manipulated and adjusted / color corrected for printing purposes).

Apocalyptic Landscapes is a growing series of abstract paintings and / or digital manipulated artworks from 2013-2017.

Personal note: These apocalyptic visions are mostly dark and moody (at times angry) with an End Of Days / Doomsday feeling or politically charged … they are visual representations of a particular state of (my) mind – exposing my innermost thoughts and feelings … just a bit on an edgy darker side.


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Written by Peter Heckmann


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  1. WOW Peter…yes, we must not ignore the dark feelings and through art one can express them. Many sense the same & I am loathe to say it, ‘impending doom’ yet it exists. There is no denial. This is fabulous work 🙂

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