I will pay for him

I heard that once

and felt gratified

who is that noble soul

who pays for me

without my asking ever;

feeling so awkward

that without signing a paper

or its need

I was incurring imaginary debts

and what would society

think of me

that a might like me

is a pitiful borrower-hahaha-

a total reputation loss

but then I never received that or any proceeds of

offered payment(s)

all that I did ever receive

was that which had become due to me

at several places;

through their accounting systems

and payment mechanisms

then I heard the bravado again

and this time with an ominous addition

‘he is getting paid twice now’and by me

and that is so unfair’

I was zapped like donkey

who had been stuck very hard by a stick

on his back by a washer-man owner

and, looked all over

for that benevolent payment master

followed his voice and trend,searched

to arrive at a dense location of hush hush

to find a group of do-no-good beggars

each looking in need of alms for next meal

voila you know what, they opined like well placed

financiers,raising eyes(proclaiming long live democracy)

‘paid twice -what the hell now stop his third-sabotage it

it is either funds or career;he has funds now get his career’

after hush hush clever foxes looked at each other

and broke into guttural laughs

it is at that moment I tip toed

right behind their backs

and caught the leader of hush hush camp

firmly by his collar as I stopped others with my arms

from fleeing the scene

I screamed to them all

so you beggar(s), you are paying for me

now? where is that payment? I do not want evidence

but a check since in public at large I have already received

that-you are giving me that now or you are gunna get

blue and black now-whatever now you may do I get

paid or you get wounds-enough of this shit!

and what were you stopping-the third or even

hurting my career oh! really you schemer foul;

One can imagine the rest

hush hush group

became a screaming,wincing group

all that they had paid or claimed to have

was recovered on the spot with my shoes

imprinted all-over their bodies, inch by inch of the skin

plus their conspiracies hatched for third, fourth, fifth, sixth

(there was a specific offender called ‘no need’in the group

who had skins patches of black, blue and RED others had just black and blue)

stopped benefits aka payments, shattered to smithereens

after that session they all looked like

snakes without teeth but still wriggling in frustration!

After a thorough bone crunching/crashing session I made them all sit facing me and said,” Now come clear yokels, account me all

that you have paid me or for me in the past and show me evidence and I would clear all that now and here and I have my book of checks; I have a list of your fake claims running into $ 1 million

by now and if you fail to produce anything I would put you on legal block/police block for defaming hurting my financial standing by that much amount or more-either way you are all going to pay for your follies. Plus, as additional bonus I would let loose tax sleuths upon you informing that you have unaccounted $1 million or more you pathetic souls” Finding I was busy taking out the book of checks they flew with fastest legs any which way they liked and vanished in thin air. I have not seen them ever since. Two of them were also acting as my family members…lol

I still have no idea when these guys

would return to paying me….LOL ROFL!

I found after a thought census that most culprits apprehended above were LEFT leaning.

LOL do not vote LEFT ever as they might defraud you similarly.

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Written by Glower4

Glower is a writer cum poet who is a commoner endowed with uncanny gift of extreme and deep abstract thought resulting in astonishing written word.

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