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Howdy Stranger y Bienvenidos

This is a  very popular well known figure.   I discovered that I  can use the line to  delineate the   figure of the cowboy.  Of course in a single line which  follows the linear  approach to figurative composition.  Trying to express the  more mature and heroic  aspect  of the cowboy.   The one that has a welcoming  attitude  to  discussion and compromise to come out with a solution.  This is a watercolor on  paper.

What do you think?

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  1. Buesnos dias senor Francisco. I see you are back with a bang. I just started perusing your beautiful watercolor artwork and this one is very reminiscent of a cowboy who touches the tip of his hat to say Howdy stranger. Your artwork has such simple lines and muted coloring that it appeals to me a lot. I am also a very simple woman with little need for excessive jewelry, figurines, massive furniture, lots of clothes among a few things. Great watercolor.

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