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How to Draw a Straight line and circle

Many get upset that they cant hold a pencil or pen and draw a straight line.

Some think if you are slow and careful that you will do this right, but you couldn’t be more wrong, the slower you move the more differcult it gets. 

The art of drawing is to move and do, quickly…Those who hesitate are completely lost!

This is done for Ghostwriter and I hope it may help others as well. 

No one really helped me at school with art, although I was supposed to be blessed with the gift! I really don’t believe in that at all. We can be who we can think we can be..It is possible given the right circumstances, time is your real limit.

There are 2 ways of holding a pen or pencil, the normal way you hold a pen, or like the thumbnail, threading the pencil through your little finger …

#2 Hand Drawn straight lines and circles.

Holding your hand this way means you can achieve a circle or straight line with ease. 

Practice is necessary, and takes a little time to achieve. 

This is the best I can show you.

To get the circle or the straight line the little finger helps you.

The straight line is achieved by holding the pencil like the thumbnail and catching the edge of a book or strong page with the little finger. Holding the pencil with thumb and forefinger move down the page.

The circle is achieved by the same way but to use the little finger as a compass. Put the weight on the little finger so the pressure is caught and simply move the paper around the little finger. 

Simply put you can use a straight edge with your little finger as you would draw on a ruler and the same way as using an ordinary compass.

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Written by Pamela Moresby

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  1. Very informative piece. I had taken an art class in high school as an elective and I learned a lot for drawing. The teacher said the exact same thing you wrote. Slow and steady does not always the right mode to go.


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