Home scam by white collared communists-all should READ this

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Scene 1 Year 1: Work broker to work place potential Victims: Come one and come all cheap homes for all. Deposit currency 0.25 mio and book and get a home & its number.

Scene 2 Year 2 (promoting broker to daughter) Dear I have 300 federal employees in my net. They are duped well and home project is on full with their monies in. You have architect’s diploma from a third class institution & nobody would ever give you work experience. No longer, this home project would hire you as I am broker main & builder would never say NO to me. In addition, you would be rich as the  builder is giving three homes free to us, one in your name(you and your future husband can live) one for me(& your mom) and the other for your bro(& his future wife).Howzzat! I cleverly fooled all these donkeys and we made our personal life so cool.

Scene 3 Year 3: All trapped victims scream- where are our monies? Where are our homes? It is delivery time. Give home or return monies with interest.

Scene 4 Year 3: Broker to all trapped victims: Your project is going well and here is slick brochure, for you to consume.

Scene 5 Year 4: Builder to broker: Hey ! your daughter benefited and you have three homes free, now powers are not permitting building what shall we do with the money.

Scene 6 Year 4: Broker to builder: Those folks are fools. Divert monies to other projects. Keep them confused. Never show them the list of all fooled victims at one place. Keep them divided. Enjoy money. This is start of our plans to loot this money forever.

Scene 7 Year 5: Broker is complained for fraud by a trapped victim at his work place. While doing Federal work he is selling private homes(rather looting money in the name of giving homes) Top executive at work place is bought and she hides the complaint quietly.

Scene 8 Year 5: Complaining victim is marked by broker and his group and they start hounding him at work (even in different cities) as he poses huge risk in terms of total exposure of the mammoth financial fraud.

Scene 9 Year 7: Broker retires from work place and hides. His daughter is settled but the duo is worried,now, about exposure of financial fraud now running into currency 300 million, as they both fear jail.

Scene 10 Year 7: Hounding of complaining victim becomes severe.They plot to shake him off his job. They start hounding him day and night lest he acts fast to get jail to broker, builder and others in the group.But he is too strong to handle and cannot be bought by any means.For five years they hound the victim buy his superior officers and despite his best work performance get that marked as ordinary or even as bad(without any facts in hand,hoping nobody would ever look inside) They use money, material ,girls and eunuchs to buy superiors.

Scene 11 Years 8 & 9: Many victims file claims for recoveries of monies deposited for homes. No money or homes ever came. Homes were not even started. Now financial fraud is well known and criminals are on defensive.

Scene 12 Year 10: Fraud money has grown to 500 million and the main complaining guy was attempted for life and career but he escapes and comes out stronger.

Scene 13 Year 11: Criminals surrender. Monies recovered (currency 800 millions). Jail to all financial criminals. Harms done to complainant undone by system. Many loose jobs for their part in the home scam(for instance all superiors who misused work powers to mark him average or bad and tormented him in many other ways at work)© 4 hours ago   hope • humor • pain • nature • s

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