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Hiding In The Crowd ~ 365 Photos Challenge #205

Enjoying life in a crowd

heard the noises, and the clash of ideas

laughing inwardly, seeing little kids fighting over the truth with their weapons

watch the dramas in which the actors are unaware.


Appear stupid in the middle who feel smart

always appear without legible, in a showing without telling

echoing the true wisdom without the need to be recognized

dare to be responsible without hiding behind the question mark.


Sparked exemption without resistance

wins without defeating

giving unnoticed

advised without patronizing.


Knowing unknown

recognize, all who know each other

realizing, just with those who realized each other

venturing to all natural without permission.


Only carry out eternal life, along with the waves of the ocean

chasing each other, young and old.

While always avoid becoming a cult object

for the sake of full free, forever.

– Albert Herdie

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  1. advised without patronizing is one of the hardest because most people “listen with patronizing”… because they prefers to hear what they want then the real advise…

    or sometiems they just wanna complain… I learn to sometimes just patronize most people esp if they do have those tendency.

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