Hey You

Back-to-back hand,With your heartbeat,My heartbeat,I want to stack it up.Mouth-humming songs. Even though it is different. Surely the rhythm. It should be the same. Hey you,Torn knees rubbed cheeks. Dragging heavy shadows. There is a way back home, are not you?Hey you,Sure one day everything is broken. Even if the stars disappear even when the stars come. Beyond the distant universe. Keep staring at me. The stars are behind your eyes. Shine a glow that shines brightly. You lost,With distant memory. I found out. My dream dream is. Why are you old?Like friends. Beat the shoulder. Just smile.Hey you,Stop at the stray way. Make the same mistakes again and again. Let’s not repeat. Hey you,Push and press the reset button. I am going to be reborn from the beginning. In the blink of a star. You forget me. I will forget you. Everything is gone and everything gets hatched. Sometime in the universe. Looking back at the wind. You are in the back of my eyes. It turns into a glow that turns into a glow.


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Written by seriopscual


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