Her Fraud at Work

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She claimed that I had committed

several mistakes at work

and that she had issued papers for all such mistakes

papers that involved a complete procedure

another department to issue it

a notice for each meeting

a meeting of three members

letters to all such members

actual meeting

minutes of such meetings

agreement to minutes of such meetings

of me and members

issuance of a work improvement advise

from that other department which was empowered to issue such advise

with all papers carrying official numbers, dates & times & signs

she alleged that she had issued papers not for one mistake but several such

not only this she fraudulently claimed that another official

(long after such official had left the work, having attained age)

had also issued such papers on several other issues of official mistakes

when she was asked to produce evidence of papers

(and list of work mistakes)

issued by herself and other officials

she could produce nothing

till date nothing is on record

as no papers were ever issued to me

however, on the basis of such OPEN fraud

she kept me without work for several months

trying to prove, that, in fact, I was bad at work

I wrote several times to higher officials to look inside her fraud

but all of them had been appeased somehow by her and kept quiet

and all of them ignored that I had topped in work,

as against what she said was bad,

also, I had a professional profile

much much higher than her own

not to talk about others who worked alongside

but the system is such

that she still survives(but may not for long)

and I keep languishing without work!

Huge harassment of this kind is as narrated to me by a mute spectator/worker, a colleague of the victim, about a LEFTIST but Federal owned organization

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Written by Glower4

Glower is a writer cum poet who is a commoner endowed with uncanny gift of extreme and deep abstract thought resulting in astonishing written word.

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    • but should not be allowed to happen .This is where we want our systems to improve. If such people are allowed to have their say and do as they liked ,they would virtually run the system as OWNERS whereas they are simply ordinary co-workers like all others. They would ensnare all male workers into dishonesty soon enough.

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