Helping Viewers With Their Power of Adapting To Change

Super Fade, Faded, Spelunking, Evening Exploration, Pastel Tapestry, and Glory are displayed below. I am calling this the Tapestry series.

I am attempting to contribute to my viewers lives in many ways. Here are todays thoughts expanded on how I might help people to appreciate the change vs the slightly modified mundane.

My dream is to help with my paintings. How?

  • By making them available freely on the internet,
  • at nearly throw away pricing as prints.
  • By showing other artists how they can become more productive.
  • By offering subscription monthly pricing via Patreon.com
  • By introducing uplifting themes and titles that help stretch the imagination.
  • By helping adjust to change

The increasing rate of change in our world is something our mind has a hard time extrapolating. We think in terms of linear constant rates of change, but the world  is operating on geometric rates of change. So while the world changes like a parabola, we think it is going to change like a straight line.

Fighting change leads to misery, but adapting to change leads to the good life. You can never loose if you adopt the right mind set. You are always either winning or learning. But with the wrong mind set, you try really hard to prevent the inevitable change from entering you life and naturally you are going to loose and become depressed.

So while you may love appreciating yet another landscape or yet another portrait, I offer you the chance to learn to appreciate yet another image that is nothing like you have ever seen before. Your ability to learn to appreciate change is key in improving the rest of your life.


What do you think?


Written by Joel_Bowers

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