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Haunted Cart – WIP

Remember my 1001 Arabian Delights series? I had to put it on the back burner while I was doing all the pirates and DDL related work but now I can start to phase it back in… Of course, my main focus will be on Halloween themed art but this one kinda fits both bills…

#1 front view

This cart has a more manga feel than most of the work for that series, but I might make the wood texture more realistic in later versions

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#2 work in progress

Here is where it started getting weird- I wanted to do a dark shot to showcase the lanterns and then suddenly it all got creepy. Guess I'm ramping up for Halloween

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#3 back view

while I like the sign ropes in red, the fastenings don't work in that color. I do like the roof of the cart being a warmer value

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What do you think?

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