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Grounded (release version)

I tend to over-analyse constantly. The whole suspension of disbelief thing doesn’t really work for me, even when I repeat to myself “this is just a show: I should really just relax…”

So when I’m watching a scifi film and they do a dogfight I always wonder who is going to fix all those ships. The remake of Galactica really went out of the way to address that issue, which I deeply appreciated.

#1 Grounded – giclee print

So ramjet the rookie decided she'd break formation and be the big hero... Now she's waiting to see if her wing commander will revoke her flight status or just chew her a new one

This was a fun piece to do, not just conceptually but also because of all the cool effects I got to use. I added a lot of grime and battle damage to the rookie and even got to play with depth of field to keep the focus where it needed to be


What do you think?


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  1. Hi, perfectionist friend, your thoroughness in making a masterpiece, is amazing. I myself also have that attitude, but on the other hand, I also have the boredom to be too dizzy to think of details that probably will not be noticed viewers, especially the layman. I think we also need to consider the audience, I mean the media or the place where our work will be presented, for example, if our work will only be seen a moment blink by the person who will just respond “nice”, it seems too perfect will be redundant.
    But anyway, what little you always reveal on your works inspires, and becomes a lesson for me, and thanks for that.

    • If you make the art for other people, then it might not be a good idea to go the extra mile but if you’re making the art for yourself, then you should definitely put in all the attention to detail you think the piece needs. It only matters if you’re satisfied with the end result

      I do all this work for my own gratification but I don’t mind sharing it with others. If they happen to notice all the the extra work, so much the better but it isn’t required

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