Greek Vases at the Museum of Fine Arts

At the St Pete Museum of Fine Arts in Saint Petersburg, Florida there were many varied rooms of art exhibits. Here in the ancient arts wing was an exhibit of Greek art including the high art of vessel decoration. These are some of my favorites as the vases of Greece have incredible painting typically in terra cotta red and black, but some were white and black. The basic forms of the vases had bases to stand on and wonderful handles to pick up the vessel. Each was meant to be filled with liquid, food, fish paste, wine etc and used in the household. The Museum of Fine Arts has many vases on display and it is a great exhibit to see.  I like the horses and chariots on this vase and the soldiers with shields above them.


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  1. I totally agree. Greek vases are superb and graceful looking. That one is specially beautiful with these simple yet highly stylized horses and chariots… I will look at all your other pictures of that grand museum…

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